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A forklift truck making noise on concrete

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Keep your noise levels at an acceptable level

Over 1 million employees in the UK are exposed to levels of noise which put their hearing at risk. The Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005 makes it mandatory for all employers to assess whether their employees are at risk of hearing damage from noise. Ethos Environmental provide a comprehensive workplace noise assessment service which helps to determine any noise problems you may have and then help you to control and alleviate your employees' noise risk.

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Planning noise assessments

We can assist in assessing transport noise to ensure planning permission is granted. We can also help to provide solutions that may help to allow planning consent to be granted if your planned site is in a high noise exposure category.

The side of an oil rig.

Acoustic consultancy service

Ethos Environmental provides a full acoustic consultancy service to ensure that all avenues to guarantee planning consent are explored.

Our comprehensive workplace noise assessment includes:

  • Stating whether you have a noise problem
  • Telling you which employees are at risk, and why
  • Giving you enough information to let you prioritise and plan the work needed to control the risks
  • Let you know what to do about the immediate risk (hearing protection, warning signs)
  • Helping you to instruct, inform and train your employees about these issues

Let Ethos Environmental help you comply with control of noise at work regulations by calling
on 0800 028 6838

Available to complete a comprehensive workplace noise assessment throughout Scotland and beyond.




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