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A hand-held circular saw creating a lot of loud noise and sparks.

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Vibration experts helping to combat HAVS

Hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) is a widespread industrial disease affecting tens of thousands of workers which can cause vibration-induced white finger (VWF). Attacks are painful and can result in the loss of the ability to grip properly. Any vibrating tool or process which causes tingling or numbness after 5-10 minutes is suspect. Where people regularly work for prolonged periods with tools and processes likely to be hazardous, there is likely to be a risk of injury. To combat these risks, Ethos Environmental can advise you on preferential systems that minimise your employees' exposure to HAVS.

A graph displaying loud noise vibrations.

Whole body vibration problems

Where employees operate off-road mobile machinery, agricultural vehicles or industrial trucks they may be at a risk from exposure to whole body vibration. Whole body vibration can cause back pain, especially repeated shocks and jolts.

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How can we help?

Ethos Environmental have the in-house expertise to both assess and recommend controls for those persons exposed or potentially exposed to whole body vibration.

Minimise vibration risks via:

  • Monitoring tools to evaluate the magnitude of vibration transmitted to the hands
  • Creating management policies to control the risks of vibration exposure
  • Creating bespoke databases to monitor personnel who may be at risk from vibration associated injuries

For vibration assessments from Ethos Environmental for the industrial and construction sectors, call us on 0800 028 6838

Examples of common tools and processes likely to create hazardous vibration include hand-held portable grinders, chain saws, brush cutters, hand-held or hand-fed circular saws, mowers and strimmers, needle guns and other electric or pneumatic hand operated tools. If your industry regularly uses these tools, we can help you to minimise hand, arm and whole body vibration risk for your employees.




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