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A motorway at night with cars creating a lot of loud noise and light.

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Environmental Noise & Vibration

Noise is any unwanted sound and when it reaches certain levels and intensities it can become annoying, leading to stress and possible physical and psychological health problems.

A nuisance is an adverse impact on a person's ability to enjoy their amenity, either within or outside their residence.

Obviously nuisance noise is based upon the ambient noise climate. For instance a new noise source in a busy city centre may not be as intrusive of one introduced to a rural community. Also each individuals perception of nuisance will be different. The government, British Standards Institution and the World Health Organisation have created documents to assist consultancies determine the magnitude of disturbance experienced and assist us to make recommendations in order to abate the noise problem.

In some circumstances where the local authority finds a particular company or individual is creating a noise problem, this can be deemed as a statutory nuisance. A statutory nuisance is where a particular nuisance has been determined as such by statute, such as the Environment Protection Act 1990. Then there is public nuisance and private nuisance which are within Common Law.

Ethos can assist in assessing, preventing and remediating your environmental noise problems.

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Vibration assessments

Ethos Environmental has the capability to carry out vibration assessments to ensure acceptable levels at existing or proposed vibration sensitive sites from businesses large and small.

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Vibration monitoring

Ethos Environmental has the capability to offer remotely operated systems with trigger alarms or text alerts when vibration magnitudes are exceeding acceptable levels. Systems can be tailored to meet the demands of the client.

From an overview of vibration causing issues to a complete frequency analysis and management system, Ethos Environmental can help. Call us
on 0800 028 6838




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