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The Earth viewed from space, with sources of atmospheric pollution highlighted.

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The quality of the air we breathe is an issue of increasing importance

Recent years have seen a development of increasingly sophisticated atmospheric dispersion models which has led to a greater understanding of the impact industrial businesses are having on the environment. These modern applications are focusing on the larger number of smaller industrial sources, which may have an impact on ground-level air quality in the immediate proximity. We can reliably monitor your emissions  and create an atmospheric dispersion model that can be used to minimise your impact on the environment. Alternatively we have worked with planners and regulatory bodies to create a risk analysis where relevant.

Two small industrial chimneys releasing emissions into the atmosphere.

Monitoring of air quality

Available to regulators and industry to help evaluate the environmental impact of atmospheric emissions from current and proposed developments (transport, industrial).
In addition, many companies now undertake perimeter monitoring as an important part of their environmental baseline review.

A tree on a hill, helping to reduce the effects of pollution.

Better models and a better environment

In some circumstances it may also be useful to monitor local vegetation, for certain chemical species this provides an indication of where levels of contamination (by either gas diffusion, direct deposition or root uptake) are above background levels.

Factors which influence local air quality in conjunction with atmospheric emissions

  • Wind speed and direction
  • Height of emission point
  • Atmospheric stability
  • Physical state of pollutant(aerosol, mist, vapour, gas)
  • Precipitation Topography
  • Local buildings
  • Road (and other) traffic
  • Mineral workings
  • Contaminated land workings
  • Landfill sites
  • Numerous industrial sectors

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Dispersion modelling is an important element of an effective environmental management system.




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